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Healthy Anhua Dark Tea Fu Brick Tea

(Fu Brick Tea) is the top grade in the ancient kind of dark tea. Being complete ferment tea, Fu Brick Tea is the most complex and unique dark tea which has the longest production processing cycle. It products Aspergillus Cristatus, brick-like in appearance, with flourishing golden flowers all over, dark and shining, red and strong tea soup, mellow to the taste with lasting scent.

Mysterious Golden flowers— Eurotium cristatum(also called as golden flowers) only find out in glossy ganoderma before, which can help digest meat and fat, regulating three metabolic activities (sugar, fat and water), Anti ageing, Anti-Oxidant,prevent cancer thus to help people enjoy healthy life. Such precious golden flowers is listed as countries secret and protected by government.

To produce dark tea, the base tea or maocha is rolled, moistened, and put in heaps to dry. This tea is then left to age and ferment for long periods of time until the tea leaves turn a dark black color. Some tea is packed into logs, and allowed to ferment outside in open sheds.
After the long fermenting period, the tea is packed in bamboo baskets, pressed into bricks, cakes, and other shapes, and even stuffed into bamboo.

Dark tea benefits:

1. lowering blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis;

2. healthcare

3. clearing the internal heat;

4. refreshing the mind and relieving the fatigue;

5. digesting and reducing the fat;

6. protection of radiation and cancer.

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  • type: dark tea
  • style: compressed brick tea
  • package: 400g/800g box
  • Origin: Anhua, China
  • Product description: fu brick tea is made of anhua dark tea material, beneit for health


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