Tea Quest Shou/Ripe Pu Erh Loose Leaf Tea 60gm

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Tea Quest Shou/Ripe Pu Erh Loose Leaf Tea

Description: Immerse yourself in the luxurious and velvety experience of our Pu Erh (Shou/Ripe) - Velvet Embrace. Meticulously fermented and aged to perfection, this tea offers a dark, earthy richness with a smooth, mellow profile. Velvet Embrace is the embodiment of warmth and comfort in every sip.

Key Features:

  • Meticulously fermented and aged
  • Dark, earthy richness
  • Smooth and mellow profile
  • Lingering warmth and comfort

Brewing Instructions: Infuse 1-2 teaspoons in hot water (212°F/100°C) for 3-5 minutes. Allow the depths of Velvet Embrace to unfold as you savor its rich and mellow tones.

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